A Dark Phylum Rises

Boarderland Keep, arrival

The party has traveled with Geoffrey the wagon master for some weeks now. Lured by his promise of fortune and glory to be found in the caves of chaos.

Upon arrival to Borderland Keep the party meets caption of the Guard, Sigeric, he takes their names and occupations.

Hubert the Ticket Taker… and suspected baby snatcher… o.O
Gavin the Entertainer
Ginn the Swordsman with a strange accent ><
Gnidluaps the Sexy Dancer
Aleister the Bartender

They are shown to the tavern where they meet Barnaby Lukmoor Mindbop Modawitzizs the traveling Bard. After a strange performance he tells them of the going on’s around the Keep as best he knows and promises to sing tail of their bravery should they return.

They meet Londi, wife of the missing merchant Elgan.

Aleister meets Bohdan head Cleric of Pelor in the local temple. As well as Alram the Cleric of Kord that is staying in the Keep.

Hubert got a private apartment. Gavin took a private room. Ginn found a dry corner within the Keep. Aleister and Gnigluaps stayed at the Temple of Pelor.

End 06-14-12



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