History of Oerth

The Time of Myth:
The oldest myth and legend tell of many different
things; The Humans tell of the time of change, when the
very magic of Oerth forged the different races from a human
stock, the Elves speak of “The Awakening,” when they found
themselves on Oerth after the battle of Correlon and
Gruumsh; the Dwarves speak of Forge Time when Moradin
forged the lives of the Dwarven fathers and set them under
mountain. Other major forces stirred both evil and good, and
warfare was frequent. Each of the major races of Oerth split
and formed sub-groups which often warred with each other
and took different powers to worship. It was during the end
of this time that the first mighty empires of humanity
slowly grew from scattered groups in the south and west of
the Oerik. Great heroes lived and died in this age, and the art
of magic developed as did the use of weapons. But of this
time little is told, and little is known.

The Time of Legend:
It was during this time that humans began keeping a
record of time and began writing. So this is also called the
Epoch of Ages, for in the South and West, the people made
alliance with Grey Elves from the East and learned that they
could keep records by writing. Here developed a system of
mathematics which allowed for development in the sciences
and art. However, the humans, not being exposed to many
other races, saw these elves as higher beings, and they
emulated their distance and haughtiness, not realizing the
difference in nature between humans and elves. And so, the
first human empire grew quickly, and at first it was fair and
just for the elves were there to help nourish and guide. But
soon, as the interest of the Eastern elves turned elsewhere,
the empire became haughty, proud and powerful, forcing
those around it to there knees, ruling with a ruthless cruelty.
It was here that the first human culture formed. But even so,
much knowledge of this time fragmentary and much is
unknown and lost due to the Invoked Devastation, and the
Rain of Colorless fire which closed this period of history.

The Seul Empires:
All you Know about this era in history is the following.

Scholars say The Grey Elves and Humans meet and form the Seul nation sometime around -6400 CY

Lots of History, lots of war, lots of empires born, conquered, destroyed, and lost.

In the Seul Empire proper, the Seul mages gather their
magical energies and cast the Invoked Devastation. No
Bakluni cities survive this blast of magical energy. But
Bakluni clerics and mages gathered at Tovag Baragu, using
their arcane powers and drawing upon the energies
of their holiest site, withstand these energies and
counterstrike with the Rain of Colorless Fire. The remains of
this expenditure of energy are now called the Sea of Dust,
and the Dry Steppes. (-492 CY)

History of Oerth

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